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Regicide (Red)

The Gaming Goat Austin

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A Gaming Goat U.S. exclusive!

Regicide is a cooperative, fantasy card game for 2 to 4 players, played using a beautifully illustrated standard deck of cards. Each card depicts a villager, an animal companion, or an enemy. Numbers represent attack strengths and suits offer special abilities.

Note: Each deck is a complete game. The red and teal versions differ in appearance only.

Players work together to defeat 12 powerful enemies. On their turn a player plays a card to the table to attack the enemy and once enough damage is dealt, the enemy is defeated. The players win when the last King is defeated. But beware! Each turn the enemy strikes back. Players will discard cards to satisfy the damage and if they can't discard enough, everyone loses.

Rich with tactical decisions and a deep heuristic tree, Regicide is a fascinating challenge for anyone who is brave enough to take it on.