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Empires: Age of Discovery Deluxe Edition

Eagle-Gryphon Games

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Empires: Age of Discovery Deluxe Edition is the new, upgraded version of the celebrated Age of Empires III and Empires: Builder's Expansion with updated rules, board, pieces and much, much more - all in one box.

Components Included
  • A totally revised 20 page Rulebook
  • A 23” x 28” Game Board with the World Variant Map printed on the reverse (components for World Variant Sold Separately)
  • 6 Player Boards -- approx. 11.5" by 7.5"
  • 2 Double-sided Colonist Dock Overlays
  • 420 Miniatures (6 different figures--70 total--in each of 6 colors)
  • 10 plastic Ship Miniatures
  • 57 Capital Building Tiles
  • 46 Trade Good Tiles
  • A cloth bag with Eagle Games' logo
  • 16 Discovery Counters/Tiles
  • 16-Card Discovery Deck
  • 3 Double-sided Player Reference Guides
  • 100 plastic replicas of gold and silver doubloons
  • A 50 page (double-sided) score pad
  • Scoring Track
  • Custom-designed PVC glossy black insert tray