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Backing Kickstarters Through the Gaming Goat Austin

We know how much you love your Kickstarters, and we want to help you back as many as possible! Here is how backing games through the Gaming Goat works:

  • Pay the deposit for the game via the Kickstarter Pre-order page.
  • When the pledge manager goes live, we will contact you to customize your pledge however you like.
  • When the game comes in, we contact you, you pay the remainder of the cost, and get your game!

Some general tips / comments:

  • Please email us at to let us know what Kickstarters you want. We only back Kickstarters that our customers express interest in.
  • The final cost of a Kickstarter is often up in the air until shortly before fulfillment. What we can promise you is that you will save at least SOME money buying with us versus backing the Kickstarter directly, even if just the cost of shipping.
  • If the Kickstarter is still live, we recommend you back the Kickstarter campaign at the $1 level so you can receive all the updates.
  • We may have some available copies after a Kickstarter fulfills. However, pre-ordering has many benefits: it guarantees you a copy, you can customize your pledge however you like, and we often offer a better price to those that pre-order.
  • Deposits are refundable up until the pledge manager has gone live. If you change your mind, before then, we can refund you.